The Most Elite Private Torrent Tracker Has Top-Secret Information, But It May Surprise You

Internet lore has speculated on the kind of information that sits at the “bottom” of the Internet. Darknet markets and the type of elicit content is what most people think when they think of this. Games like Sad Satan, the ever existing speculation of Red Rooms go along with endless speculation on what exactly exists and how much is there. While the majority of Internet users are completely unaware Tor even exists, complete communities and worlds exist that will remain hidden or mostly hidden for years.

Levels of Tracker Security

Most users of bittorrent stick to large trackers like magnet links on the infamous PirateBay and downloads on the more popular KickAss. The next level is the world of private trackers, communities where getting in requires an invitation at the very least. Private trackers need new users to remain healthy, but their superior content and speeds requires different things from users. Users are often given a few invitations to give out to others, in an attempt to keep the community both private and healthy at the same time.

That’s not where it stops, other private trackers require more security when adding new users to their community. There are always the ones that require payment, which serves the purpose of eliminating most users. The next step would be personal interviews that vary in thoroughness and intensity. The easiest are simple semi-anonymous chats on IRC that last only a few minutes. As the levels get deeper video chats, phone calls and even background checks are all used when screening for new users. The last level of these types of tracks would require the previous steps, but also an extensive and intensive in person interview.

For most people, including myself, it’s hard to believe that anyone would go to these lengths for access to a tracker. None of this really “shocked” me when I did some research on this topic, but by browsing open communities and following the Internet’s #1 rule: lurking moar, this information is easily available to anyone. Not even a simple registration was required to learn what I just shared.

Who Needs To Protect Information?

All of the trackers I mentioned above actually seem to focus on rather typical content. The most secure are generally those responsible for acquiring and leaking this information, but they aren’t secret government files, they are the new Star Wars movie or something else that really isn’t that confidential.

There is one that is different, it’s most likely the only tracker where it’s users share a profession and the information is unique to that profession.

Imagine if it was earlier in the century, information on how the “real” sport of professional wrestling worked was fiercely protected by anyone in the business. Pro Wrestling was famously known to let no one behind the scenes. They would keep secrets from their family, beat up anyone who called them fake and force anyone who wanted to enter the business to face beating after beating before letting them know the tricks of the trade. In a business where secrecy is the key, everyone in the business would realize it’s in their own best interest to do everything they can to protect that secret, at all costs.

The Impossible Tracker

After all of these layers there was one tracker that was deemed “impossible” to get into. They also didn’t need to use all of the previous tactics to screen new members, mostly because they most likely have a personal connection.

The tracker I’m speaking of is “Art Of Misdirection”, a 600-member community that exclusively consists of Magicians.

Magicians are part of a very old profession that have always been infamous for protecting the secrets behind their tricks. A great modern example of this is Penn & Teller’s famous “Bullet Trick”, which as far as I know, is still something only the magicians know

Big Secrets Hide The Easiest

It doesn’t seem that many are aware of “Art Of Misdirection”, which I believe is found here. There seems to have been some security issue in 2011 in which the site was somehow open to new users, but it looked like it didn’t last long before being taken care of. This 2009 blog post by a magician is one of the few open acknowledgments near the top of a Google search, what’s funny is that it shows that magicians have the same arguments over torrent trackers that other industries do. There are other magic trackers, but none seem as exclusive as AoM.

The tiny niche that a magic-focused torrent tracker would appeal to is the reason that a community so exclusive and remote could exist. There does appear to be one screenshot that I believe was taken from AoM, although I am far from certain.

I think this is Art of Misdirection, if so, it’s the closest almost anyone reading this will get to seeing behind the gate

Access To Information Will Save The World

The torrent revolution changed the world in a subtle way that most on this planet haven’t even felt yet. Throughout history, improvements in how information is recorded, exchanged or accessed have created more positive change than any other event, idea or force. The decentralized nature of bittorrent allowed these niche communities to be self-sustaining while governing themselves.

Personally, learning about AoM and lurking these communities over the past decade has opened new doors to the way I think and helped me notice the shift in how both important and meaningless ideas are spread. The overall effect seemed very positive from my perspective.

The other thing was a further reinforcement to my already held belief that most secrets kept under tight security are ultimately done for financial reasons. Magicians want to protect their secrets, that’s something I applaud and admire. The fact that in 2016 they still maintain that mystery makes me smile whenever I think about it.

I carefully thought about the ramifications of the community if I were to publicly post this. The last thing I want to do is ruin something special, and I consider long-lasting Internet communities to be special as hell. The ultimate determination is that this post will likely get minimal views at best, so I doubt this is exposing some grand secret. More importantly I realized they maintain complete control to who gets in, a few more people knowing about it won’t hurt whatever they have built.

All this talk makes me want to visit one of the two forums I’ve been a part of for over a decade, the Internet is beautiful, isn’t it?

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