Put on the damn mask…

I used to roll my eyes. “In case of emergency, oxygen masks will appear before you… If you’re with a child, please attend yourself first, then the child.”

I thought that serving yourself first was a sign of selfishness.

To me, that always sounded like it would make you that guy from Titanic who, when sneaking into the lift-boat before the women and children, ultimately proved his cowardice.

I was wrong.

Here’s what I know, flight attendants are right; you could help more people and do better work if you’d just prioritize your oxygen mask.

So — important question — what’s your oxygen?

Is it time deep in thought or time in blissful meditation?
Is it taking a long run or taking time to write about it?
Is it eating well or finally catching up on sleep?
Is it time spent with friends or time spent in nature?

…Perhaps it’s “all of the above.”

Knowing full well that most people never take time for themselves, I joined forces with a wellness/empowerment coach, and a renegade world traveler to build a weekend that focuses on you.

The weekend of May 14–17 we’re retreating to Montauk, Long Island, we’ll be focusing on how, in the face of fear, to take the next steps in our lives/careers and we’re taking time to put our oxygen masks on first.

If you’re interested in joining let me know.

@tonyubo on twitter/intagram

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