The Martian: you’ll never guess how this guy grew potatoes… (or why it matters to you)

Mark Watney (Matt Daymon) taken from the internet without the intent to break laws, I’ll remove the photo if you’d like.

Last night, I watched one of my new all-time favorite movies: The Martian.

Have you seen it?

It’s with Matt Daymon who plays a NASA astronaut who’s been accidentally left on Mars and among many incredible things he survives in large part on a potato crop harvested from fertilizer from his own excrement (yes, accidentally, and yes the planet of Mars, and yes it’s all somehow very plausible).

Either way, let’s talk about it. Specifically this quote.

Mark Watney: “At some point, everything’s gonna go south on you… everything’s going to go south and you’re going to say, this is it. This is how I end.
“Now you can either accept that,
or you can get to work. That’s all it is. You just begin. You do the math. You solve one problem… and you solve the next one… and then the next. And If you solve enough problems, you get to come home.”

Now, I don’t want to oversell it but, to me, that’s one of the most powerful lines I’ve heard in a long time. Humans, you and I, are emotional beings.

Humans, you and I, are emotional beings. We feel things.

We’re also incredibly smart and resourceful. We solve things.

Where things get tricky is when we forget that we’re both things.

While I lean toward a very stoicism-centric perception of reality, in other words, that our thoughts shape our reality. I am also very aware that “feeling feelings” is an essential part of what it means to be human.

I just think, from there, it’s time to get to work.

Feel unhappy? Get to work.
Feel immense joy when serving children in need? Get to work.
Feel small in my relationship with _____. Get to work.

Your feelings, good or bad, are just a new problem. Solve it. I know you can.

The beauty in this film is that Mark Watney is only a man, albeit an incredibly smart man.

He has a unique way to take his very-real and very-human feelings of fear, anger, confusion, sadness, disappointment etc. etc… and turn them into problem-sets.

One of his problem-sets involved growing 4-years of food on a planet without water… what’s yours? That you’re unsure of your purpose in life?

While I’m no botanist, I do believe that happiness and purpose, like potatoes, can be harvested… even if it takes dealing some sh*t to get us there.

Watney grew potatoes on a planet without water!

To be clear, I don’t mean to come at you if you’re in a tough spot right now. This was meant to support and encourage you. I want you to know you can and will overcome your challenges if you get to work.

If you haven’t seen/read The Martian yet, consider checking it out on Amazon.

The film get’s my professional review of: “two-thumbs way up”.

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