Applicant Tracking Software Has Different Variations

Corey Mueller
Mar 14, 2018 · 2 min read

By now, most applicants are aware of ATS Software that is designed to search resumes and applications for keywords before being read by human resources personnel. Job seeker websites, local career centers, and resume writing workshops provide advice for selecting keywords. Researching the company, which as always recommended before submitting resumes, takes on new meaning as applicants attempt to make their applying paperwork keyword-rich. The highest ranked resumes are the ones that are read by a human.

Research Tracking Software Providers

What most applicants do not realize is that the software is available in different variations. In addition to keywords being affected by the position and company for which people are applying, they will also differ depending on what entity is setting up and conducting interviews. Applicants have to be mindful of where resumes need to be submitted.


If resumes are going to a temporary or entry-level agency, for example, they will be subject to basic staffing agency software. Keywords will tend to be selected to match minimum requirements and some preferred past experiences. Resumes will be automatically stored in a database for future reference. It is possible the resume will be reviewed a few times before enough matches are detected. In this case, information regarding any certifications held and seminars attended will be useful.

The version of recruitment agency software will be a more complete program. Keywords will be programmed into the software to match up experiences, higher education, and job history. When hiring for a permanent professional position, the expectations are higher. Companies will want professionals with proven leadership ability, and supervisors with skills in discipline, scheduling, training, and effective communication. The software will include comparison reports, ranking value functions, and flagging capabilities to make reviewing resumes easier and faster.

Talent Analysis Features

Tracking programs used as headhunter software will have features that help recruiters searching for candidates to fill executive and department manager positions. Companies expect candidates who will lead the company toward future goals, provide innovative solutions to problems and challenges, and give the company an edge over the competition. That requires extra filters to match up resumes with the best the hiring pool has to offer.

Something Else to Keep in Mind

Applicants need to be aware that international and large corporations with multiple divisions and locations will probably have exclusive tracking software created specifically for that single corporation. Enterprise software is available to suit the needs and desires of a major conglomerate. This is beneficial for consistency with minimum requirements and confidentiality regarding policies and areas of interest. Different versions of tracking software will have a wide range of features and capabilities so select language included in a resume strategically.