How to Market Yourself for the Startup World

Nowadays many individuals have great ideas for a startup but, it’s important to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Many people will have a similar or even better idea, and a great way to compete with others is to diversify your skill set. With many free tools online, it is very easy to learn and have the expertise in various aspects of technology. Here are some examples of websites and tools that are great to use.

Code Academy
Code Academy is a great website that provides simple and easy to use tools to help even beginners learn code. This website provides different types of coding languages that are used such as HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript and many more.

Following a similar theme to the last website, Udemy offers tutorials and other forms of education for a variety of tools. Although some of Udemy’s courses are not free, it offers a more detailed and informational course on many different subjects such as iOS or Photoshop.

Skillshare is a combination of both Udemy and Code Academy, tackling on the same ideas of tutorials of certain skill sets but this time in a larger view. With the large amount of videos to learn from, they have their own unique style, by splitting up lessons into smaller chunks so it is much more convenient.

It’s important to set yourself apart and unfortunately getting a college degree is simply not enough. You need a competitive edge to stand out of the big pile of resumes.

Gaining a competitive edge

  • Tech is always changing and you need to keep, make sure you attend meetups, read blogs, articles and follow successful entrepreneurs
  • Grow your skill set in different areas like engineering, marketing and sales
  • Be proactive, ambitious and always be willing to continue learning

With this tools and tips you will definitely stand out and achieve your goal of obtaining that startup job.

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