Seven Productivity Tools For Programmers

The life of a computer programmer can be both awesome and stressful. Nevertheless, it is an interesting one. Programmers spend most of the day at their favorite place—right there in front of a computer with a good pair of headphones!

But besides tools such as soda and headphones, all programmers have a list of favorite tools they use to make work easier and faster.

In this article, Tool Watcher has compiled a list of the top tools out there used to make the life of a programmer much more efficient and productive.

1. Evernote (Take Notes!)

The Evernote app allows you or any team member to create a “note” which can be a piece of text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt, an image or photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten note. Notes can also have file attachments.

2. Trello (Track your progress!)

Trello classifies tasks into a “To-Do”, “Doing”, and “Done” list. Simply divide your task for the day into a set of small tasks and prioritize them. This amazing tool will give you a reality check every time you review your progress and you will tend to plan your work accordingly. 
Trello may also be used by a team of programmers working on a specific task.

3. Coffivity (Increase your creativity!)

Earlier we mentioned a good pair of headphones, but not for music. If you want to concentrate on your work and stop hearing the noise around your workstation then you need Coffivity. This tool plays the sounds of a coffee shop on demand- even if you cant actually be IN a coffee shop. Now this may sound crazy at first, but the team at Coffivity states that research shows it’s pretty hard to be creative in a quiet place and a loud workplace can be frustrating and distracting. But the mix of calm and commotion in an environment like a coffee house is just what you need to get those creative juices flowing.

4. Getbadges (Turn your work into a game!) 
Heres another tool that may also sound crazy, but is incredibly useful. If you love games then why not turn your work into one? Getbadges does just this. It easily creates competitive games within your project management and developer tools. 
• Promotes best practices and agile software development 
Ready to ditch work and start playing? Game on! 
5. Git (Share Code!) 
A fast, efficient, and highly scalable distributed version control system. This tool can be used to share code with others and so much more. It is designed to manage source code and is a great tool for managing and tracking versions.

6. Jira (Manage bugs and defects!)

Jira is designed to help teams work together to solve issue and project tracking problems a programmer may have in order to solve the problems and deliver a smooth finished product. Typically, the teams involved include developers, help desk agents, and quality assurance. Jira, a Saas tool, is available through a monthly subscription.

7. Jixee (Simplify your teams workflow!)

Jixee is a task and issue tracker that enable teams to build better software by simplifying your development team’s workflow. It combines simplicity with functionality resulting in an application that is lean and geared for productivity.

  • Simplified, Minimalist Design
  • Powerful Visual Tools and Automations
  • Chat Integration, Push Notification, Integrated Version Control, and more.

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