Using tools in business meetings

We believe in using tools as resources, we believe that if you find the right tools you will gain a competitive edge, but sometimes before you implement tools you need to build a core structure for your team. Tools can help make manual processes that are time consuming automatic, but without some structure they are useless. Earlier this year Facebook’s Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned in an Inc. article, the two most important tricks for a more efficient meeting. As we all know the founder of Facebook strives to save time in small tasks in order to have more time for complicated and time consuming tasks.

The top two tricks are:

  • Send material prior to the meeting so the time can be used for discussion
  • Be clear about the goal once you sit down for the meeting

He also mentioned that every meeting needs to have a stated purpose. Whether you will arrive to a decision at the end of the meeting or if that meeting is just to have a discussion about topic X. He strongly believes that no meeting should just be a “sales meeting”.

Do you agree?

We agree and believe that once you have created a structure, bringing some tools to organize and drive the meeting are a must. Mind mapping allows your team to brainstorm, communicate ideas clearly and arrive to a conclusion faster.

What is mind mapping?

It is a graphical way to represent ideas or concepts. It’s a visual thinking tool. Our team found a free mind mapping tool that would be a great addition to your meetings or business. Mind Node will allow you to organize brainstorming sessions in an intuitive way. Although this tool is a demo and only allows you to create 30 nodes per map, it’s very useful.

What are nodes?

They are the amount of brackets you can create per map plan.

For example here is a Mind Map that was created to explain how you can use Mind Mapping.

When you create one, you only focus on the content and not the structure or layout.

Provided by Mind Node

Mind mapping can be used for user experience design, meetings or just a visual for any presentation.

If you would like to learn how you can implement other tools in your business to drive efficiency, provide excellent customer success, manage leads or just to manage daily operations visit Tool Watcher.

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