What Every Product Manager Should Know

Being a Product Manager is not a simple task, with some many tasks to juggle it’s hard to keep track of everything. When one thinks of a Product Manager, words such as optimization, organization, leader and innovation are first to come to mind. But these words simply scratch the surface to what a Product Manager needs to know, and here are some tips.

One step at a time
This is probably the most important tip that every product manager should know, moving slowly towards an end goal, rather than going straight for the finish line. By taking one step at a time, you are able to adjust for improvement, as well as to ensure that the job is done well.

Learn when to say no
Product managers talk and listen to many stakeholders, because they need to understand the market and how can the team work together to accomplish the creation of a successful product. When working on a new feature, it’s important to stay realistic and to stay within their own reach. If this feature is no realistic because of the lack of resources, it’s better to say no rather than doing a poor job on it.

Evaluating the product
By evaluating the product while working, you are able to improve both existing features and creation of new ones. As mentioned earlier, innovation is key in terms of what products or tools need to be able to compete with similar competitors.

Thinking outside the box
All product managers are faced with the issue of not only managing the product but managing the solution to a problem.

As a product manager you are:

  • The voice of the users
  • The bridge for cross — functional team work
  • A leader with a vision and a strategy in place

What separates good product managers from great ones are the way they can solve problems. Qualities such as being a quick learner, inventive, and creative can help those succeed.

Tools that product managers should know

Being a Product Manager requires you to use tools to be that bridge between engineering, customer success, marketing and sales. Here are some great examples of some tools you could implement in you startup, to make sure the everyone in the company can see what will be coming up in the product roadmap.

Product Board 
Product Board provides many forms of analysis to track how products are working, or not working. By using tools to help organization, keep track of progress, and showcase your work to others efficiently, it helps a product manager to excel.


Moqups is another great website that allows one to create and design blueprints, mockups, or any type of concept through a user-friendly HTML5 app. Not only does it make the graphic visually appealing, but also organized and able to edit any changes quickly.

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