Looking Back on Laila Ali Quite Frankly Interview

Laila Ali is very frank when she speaks. I don’t believe that she will change. Laila pretty much tells the truth. The fight between her and Ann Wolfe didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean that it never will. Laila had intended to fight Ann Wolfe in the past according to this interview, but things don’t always turn out the way we plan them. Some say that Laila was scared and some say that Ann was scared. To be honest, I don’t believe either one of them was scared. I don’t know if the fight will ever happen or if Laila will ever box again, but I do believe it wasn’t the right time for Laila and Ann to box. Ann may still be training and still holding anger ready to take it out on somebody. She’s probably better in boxing than she ever was. Laila is enjoying her life doing what she do and staying in shape. Just in case Laila decides to go back to the ring, I hope she is still punching the bag. She should never loose her touch and continue to work out in the gym if she feels like she might go back to the ring someday. I think she will continue. Like her father, Laila can tell if she can win a fight. I don’t think she’ll ever worry. Knowing Laila, she’s going to do what she’s going to do no matter what. Check out the quite frankly interview.