How to Transform Into a Chick Magnet Warrior King with this ONE SIMPLE TRICK! (Doctors hate him!)

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the result of a one night stand between an autistic ape and a tub of playdoh? Tired of wanking your tiny dick three times a day? Tired of not having enough energy or motivation to wank your tiny dick a fourth time?

Well have I got the cure for you, just follow my one small trick

Deadlift — You didn’t want to hear it, but now you just got it shoved down your throat, just how you like it.

I believe the Holy Deadlift more important than anything and everything else you could possibly do to change yourself. Deadlifting has a massive payoff compared to how much time you invest in it. Which shouldn’t be more than about 20 minutes per week.

Benefits you ask? There are so many, but I’ll just list the top 5 benefits that I have experienced.

  1. Most obvious is that the deadlift has the capability of changing your body completely. Your muscles grow, your posture improves, and girls will start eyeing you like the piece of meat that you are.
  2. The amount of testosterone increased when you complete a heavy set of deadlifts is enough to power a tank.​
  3. The dopamine release completely changes your mood and mental state. In my experience after a brutal deadlift session clarity, focus, and geniuine feeling of happiness and contentment is achieved.
  4. Due to the testosterone boost, you confidence and lack of giving a fuck skyrockets.
  5. Due to the massive strength gain to your entire back, ass, and legs, your posture will improve tremendously. Good posture in itself makes you appear and feel more confident and taller, and good posture also gives you a testosterone boost.

Listen. My blog has a lot of valuable info. Enough to seriously change you from a faggot into a beastly fucking threat to society. But if you can’t do this simple task once a week, then please kindly fuck off. I don’t care if you don’t do any other exercises. Deadlift, and don’t be a bitch about it. If you truly want to change, you WILL do this. Since you are going to the gym, why not do a few other exersizes just for the fuck of it?

The only exception is if you are missing limbs (your dick), have a broken back, or are in a coma.

Until the next one, Dante out.

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