Use The Law of Vital Few to Change Your Entire Life

“For many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.”

The Law of Vital Few — Also known as “Pareto’s Principle”. Perhaps you’ve heard this principle before, it has been gaining traction over the last few years and I have heard it referenced in more mainstream settings. Realizing the significance and applying this law is a game changer. An Italian economist by the name of Vilfredo Pareto coined this principle when he discovered that 20% of the pea-pods in his garden contained 80% of the peas. This law can be applied to almost everything. Sometimes the percentages vary, but in most cases the principle holds true.

​20% of your investments return 80% of your profits.
20% of your clients take up 80% of your time.
20% of the food you eat causes 80% of your weight gain.
20% of your relationships cause 80% of your hardships.
20% of your weight lifting exercises cause 80% of your gains.
80% of women are attracted to the top 20% of men.
The bottom 20% of men do 80% of the work.
The top 20% of men make 80% of the money.
80% of your troubles or joys stem from just 20% of your life choices.

This 80/20 analysis can work for almost everything. Fitness, pickup, career, food, relationships, etc.

For this blog, however, I will be focusing on what makes a man a “top 20%” man. Once you can achieve this magical number, your options with women, money, and freedom compound and you are able to live a life you couldn’t have imagined before.

Here are some examples backed by studies to prove the 80/20 Law:

74% of men in the USA are Overweight or Obese. (Numbers are worse now). [Source]
82% of men in the USA have less than $10,000 saved. [Source]
80.1% of men in the USA are under 6 feet tall. [Source]
80% of men do not engage in muscle strengthening exercise regularly.[Source]
17% of men in the USA have had 21 or more sexual partners. [Source]

This list goes on and on. The more you internalize this law, the more you will see these numbers pop up all over the place. Remind yourself about this law constantly. Our goal is to get you into that top 20% of men, even though some things are out of your control (height for example), there are many more things are in your control on the whole. So don’t worry short stuff, it’s still possible to be a top 20 man and be under 6ft.

​Not every man can become the top 20% of course or it would no longer be just 20%, but as you will soon begin to realize, there has never been an easier time to win. The bottom 80% of men are such easy competition, you don’t have an excuse not to join the top 20%. Use the knowledge of this law and take advantage of this opportunity and bend reality to your will.

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Until the next one, Dante out.