2017 Global #IT Trends Survey

The Global Institute for IT Management (#GIIM) has just launched their annual global IT trends research. It is accessible via: 2017 Global IT Trends Survey

This important study provides IT executives with an opportunity to be the voice of the industry by assimilating their/your experience and knowledge with that of other IT leaders to help our participants identify and anticipate the trends and direction technology is taking around the globe. The research team from the Global Institute of IT Management has been facilitating this growing initiative for over 18 years, providing a barometer for IT organizations, as well as the basis of many reputable academic and industry publications, seminars, briefings, and courses.

Participant responses help individuals, organizations, industries, and countries understand and benchmark various areas and trends within IT such as opportunities, technologies, major concerns, sourcing considerations, CIO roles, spending, and salaries.

We anticipate having well over 2,600 enterprises participating in taking the 30 minute questionnaire. All information provided will be aggregated and individual responses will be kept confidential. The results will be published via several academic and industry publications, as well as being available for seminars, meetings, and courses. Take a look at https://www.globaliim.com/about-us/other-initiatives/global-it-trends-research to read more about it.

Feel free to ask other IT executives in your network to participate. If you have a large group (25+), send us an email with your logo and we can provide you with a separate link.

This valuable survey allows us all to stay at the forefront of our industry without requiring fees or sponsorship.

I thank you in advance for your participation and look forward to sharing the results with you!

Dr. Jerry N. Luftman

Web: http://www.globaliim.com/

Public Relations & Media Communications VP @ Global Institute for IT Management (GIIM), Ludmila Morozova-Buss is investing in and passionate about preparing IT and non-IT professionals for the digital transformation. Continuing education is her passion as she strives to pioneer the uncharted.

Ms. Morozova-Buss role as VP with GIIM is essential in establishing collaborative affiliate relationships with companies, organizations and universities around the globe, to take advantage of the 32 IT management Certificate programs that are available. She also performs course facilitation and mentoring in many of the programs.

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