Tophatter’s 9 Best Gifts Awesome Guys Will Actually Love

Husband, dad, grandson — who are the guys on your holiday gift list? You know what they don’t want? A tie, socks, or anything related to shaving. If you ask an average guy, he’ll say he gets at least 50 boring gifts every year. He’s exaggerating, but he has a point.

This year, be the one who finally gets your favorite man something exciting. These are the coolest and most fun things you can snag on Tophatter right now that will make your guy call you the “Best Present Giver Ever”.

1) Smart Watches

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A tiny computer you can wear on your wrist is a gadget-lover’s dream come true. It’s super useful and practical, sure. But like the best gadgets, it’s also just plain fun to play with.

2) Stylish Watches

If you’re shopping for a fellow who wants to look like a stylish gentleman rather than a tech wiz, go old-school and get him a classic watch. This kind of timepiece only does two things: tell time and make a man look snazzy. And these watches do both magnificently.

3) Drones

Every young guy (and every grownup guy who still likes to play) wants a drone. Heck, just about everybody on the planet right now wants a drone. It’s the coolest gift of 2017, no question.

4) Championship Rings

Every sports fan secretly wishes he could try on his team’s huge, blinged-out championship ring . His favorite players get one. Why not get him one of his own? No need to save up for diamonds; these replicas are great.

5) Wallets

An upgrade to something you use every day is a classic present. If your giftee carries a wallet that’s beat-up and falling apart, pick out a new one that looks good and keeps his cards from falling out all the time.

6) Mini Game Console

500 classic games on one little device that plugs into your TV? Tophatter shoppers are going crazy for this little technological miracle. Your guy will go nuts when he opens this.

7) Remote Control Cars

Driving a remote control car is like a passport back to childhood. Give one to your dude and dare him not to crack up while it zips around.

8) Fitness Trackers

Speaking of must-have gadgets you can wear on your wrist, these are a Tophatter community favorite. Snag one for your cyclist guy, gym guy, sports guy, or any guy who wishes exercise felt more like a game.

9) Sunglasses

A great pair of sunglasses makes a man look 72% cooler — that’s just a scientific fact (that we might have just made up). But for real, give the man you’re shopping for a personal coolness boost; he’ll love it.

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