Who Rule Underground Music in the Middle East? Jordanians!

Here is one more proof that “I don’t like, I obsess”. I’ve cultivated an immense interest in music since I was 7, but my taste was very basic and I wasn’t really open to listen to different music.

Om Kalthoum, Fayrouz, Abdel Haleem and all those beautiful people we all listen to and love, they were my kind of artists, just like everyone else. But as usual, Life shouldn’t be judged too early. Four years ago, my sister recommended a song and it was really weird! I mean, it was really bizarre and unlike anything I’ve ever listened to. “Ya Bent El Nas” ignited my passion for Jordanian music.

I am well aware that Jordan isn’t really influential in arts (which should’t be the case, really) and trying to fish for new Jordanian music sounds really odd, but I swear they have the best collection of underground music.

5)Yazan Haifawi

He is not the first Jordanian singer I’ve listened to, but he is definitely one of my favorites. Although he is not very active in music production, but he creates the best guitar chords. Not to mention that he writes his lyrics, composes and arranges his songs. Yepp, he is that talented and that awesome! “Wainek Min Zaman” is one of his hits, and his guitar proves my point.


This band is so original it hurts! Auostrad doesn’t have a style, every song is different and has its own style. They are very bold when it comes to introducing new colors to their music, they merge different melodies in the one song and they come up with the perfect outcome. They nailed it in both oriental and occidental styles. “Rahat Ya Khal” is a cliche choice, but it’s definitely their best!


My favourite “On Fleek” band. They just know how to mix and match in music and genres. “Wain Ra7 7abiby”, one of their songs that starts in a really quite tone, and then percussion comes along and complement the music, the real definition of eargasm. However, I am sharing the song that went viral “Ana Bakhaf min El Commitment”. You can also go check Jadal when they were too cool to sing Ruby’s hit “Leih Betdary keda”.

2)Akher Zapheer

I have no idea why, but they are so cool!

1)Aziz Maraka

I know it’s not a surprise that he is #1 but I have very good reasons to be completely and blindly in love with his music. Maraka blended Jazz, rock and oriental music, Do I need to say more? This is my definition of art. He nails it in classics, electronic and pretty much everything he does. His music deserves to live on and on. I am really disappointed if he is not the next Amr Diab of the Arab World or something!

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