Interesting article!
PK Vrieswijk

Here’s an example of how I use this to guide my thinking on personal development.

Mechanics: I pick internally directed constraints, rules, and frameworks (such as Pomodoro). Score is kept internally and not influenced by or dependent on others, but I do engage others to help me enforce mechanics (keep me honest). There is no final win condition. This creates…

Dynamics: Without other competing “players,” I avoid negative zero-sum dynamics like manipulation or bluffing. I develop “helping” relationships with the enforcers and we both benefit from transparency. Without explicit win conditions, focus is on process, not product.

Aesthetics: I experience joy and motivation from my relationships with enforcers, who act as guides and feel empowered and helpful. I avoid negative experiences like fear of failure or distrust of others, since no dynamics exist to support them.

Does this flow make sense? It’s a deeper reflection process than “what makes me happy?” Focus on the dynamics and relationships your mechanics create.

Thanks for your comment!

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