Fairy Tale

Who doesn’t grow up wanting a fairy tale for themselves? Let’s be honest-we all do, in-fact most part of our childhood push us towards that dream. A perfect life, a perfect guy with a perfect story consisting of perfect love. You want to be pretty, you want him to be charming, you want an evil twist and a perfect happy ending with him kissing you or probably marrying you. As a teenager that is all we have ever wanted.

Nevertheless what they do not tell you is, your fairy tale is your own and it is going to be a story unlike any other story out there. It is not just a guy or a trip or love, it is combination of your fears, your ambitions, your desires, your failures, your achievements, your failed relationships, your flaws, your honesty, your love and much more. Your fairy tale is nothing else but YOU!

It is in the way you get up that morning when you do not even want to breathe, it is when you see you mother’s struggle and understand what the word ‘helpless’ means, it is when you get mature enough to understand that some things just do not work out, it is when you stand for your ethics in-spite of knowing that it will cost you too much, it is when you have to let go of something and accept the fact that you can fail miserably, it is when you understand successful life has very little to do with commercial success, it is how you face your fear and come out shining on the other side of storm, it is when you get that everyone is flawed and that is where the beauty lies,it is when you understand that peace is happiness and it has nothing to do with others, when you understand the term-’two sides of coin’, perfectly. It is when you look back at your life and you are proud on yourself, for the things that you have learned, for the hurdles that you have crossed, for the nights that you have survived and for the life that you have lived, that my darling, is your Fairy Tale.

You are going to fail at things, you are going to hate yourself for doing some things, you will have good for nothing feeling but that does not mean world ends there, it never does. Without failing you will never understand the value of things. There is not going to be just the best job, you will struggle and eventually find the work which excites you. You will have failed relationship which will help you grow and find your perfect partner,progressively your life plan is going to change as well because you did not know hell lot of things when you initially made your life plan. Accept the fact that everyday you will grow and change and that is okay because that is how it is suppose to be.

Get up everyday to tell yourself how wonderful the journey has been, how there is so much that you have achieved and how there is so much that is out there to be conquered. Life is not as simple as they show us,in-fact it is simpler,it is you who write it,everyday,every moment and whatever you do I promise you it will be beautiful, when you look back you are going to be proud of your masterpiece. World is full of possibilities, whatever you want and need is out there waiting for you, just the way you want it, it has been perfect till now,it is going to be perfect in future, go grab it with both of your hands.

Just remember your fairy tale is YOU and when years will go by, your older self is going to look back, smiling, proudly telling the world this Fairy Tale.

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