Can I be Jealous Again?!

I have no doubt that he is mine,

But when she came and caught his eye,

I could no longer feel fine,

For she had the looks for which one could die!

I knew he wouldn’t be thinking about her,

But even then, it was obvious that she deserved more than a glance,

And the second time his eyes followed her after,

I just wanted to pull her hair tightly, if only I could’ve had a chance!

After stealing a glimpse, he turned back smiling,

Hoping that I hadn’t noticed,

And I immediately tried (and failed) hiding,

The frown that had come which couldn’t be missed!

For a brief moment he enjoyed the effect

Of being special enough to be jealous for,

Then with all the sweetness he could inject,

He tried changing my mood which had turned sour!

The extra attention he gave to compensate for his deviation,

Though unexpected was quite a refreshing delight

So I just let myself enjoy all the new-found attention,

For now, he wasn’t at all taking me out of his sight!

With contentment unable to contain,

I still had one thought lingering in my mind

That can I be jealous once again

For your way of assuring me back was one of a kind!

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