The Art of Overdressing

I tried to disguise the hollow of my eyes with a smoky look,

Hoping you wouldn’t notice the dark circles that had come from crying all night

And just so you wouldn’t see my anxiety bitten bleeding lips

I painted them heavily with a red lipstick bright

In a desperate move, I tied my hair back in a neat bun

For I had pulled my hair all through the day and they were a complete mess

With my feelings exposed that I could no longer hide with any amount of concealer,

I tried to atleast cover up my body in a full length dress

I knew my hands longed to hold yours,

So I distracted them and held them back with the clink clink of a shiny bracelet

And my ears missed your incessant chatter

So I just pacified them with a recently bought never used before solitaire set

I had to stop my feet from following you in despair once you got up to leave

So I put on a 5inch heel stiletto in which I could barely walk.

And I looked myself in the mirror and wondered

Am I overdressed for a casual chit chat with my ex lover at 5pm in the park?