Don’t Build For Today’s Buzz, Build A Business People Love For Years To Come

As I reflect back on the first quarter of 2015 I can’t help but to be grateful for everyone who has supported our company over the past three years. In my own mind we are only just getting started, but I’ve realized that in the eyes of others our team has become an example “success.”

Truthfully that is a lot of pressure, but nothing we can’t handle with humility and mutual respect. I know for example my younger brothers back home, thousands of entrepreneurs using our product to grow their businesses, and many unknown followers of our story from around the world look at our team as proof that chasing a dream can eventually turn into an awesome reality.

The truth is we are a three year “overnight success.”

It took a lot of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and tenacity to get to where we are today. The growth curve of startups tends to only focus on the the “hockey stick” side of the graph. Nobody gets excited about the blood, sweat, and tears spilled over the first 1–3 years of flatline growth (if the company even makes it that far.)

Which end of the graph is more exciting?

The limelight fades quickly in our interconnected world, but it fades even faster in the world of software technology. New apps come and go. Buzz cycles have gone from a period of months to a period of weeks or days. Ask Yo or

The way our world works is unlike any other. Software companies are forced to continually challenge the status quo with innovation or be pushed into obscurity by spending a lot of money to take on (or buy) rising innovative startups.

That is what makes our work so exciting to me. There is never a day where our team doesn’t learn something new. There is never a day where we don’t challenge ourselves to reach for more and experiment with new ways of solving very big problems.

Where foolish founders focus on being the startup everyone is buzzing about today, the wise founder focuses on building the business customers love for many years to come.

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