How You Can Help Support Gab

Gab’s mission is to put people first and promote free speech online. All are welcome on Gab, and always will be.

Gab has been entirely bootstrapped and financed by the founders personally since its inception. Seven weeks and tens of thousands of users later, Gab is now a top 9,000 website in the United States and growing quickly globally as well. Others have called Gab “one of the fastest growing consumer tech startups in history.” Due to this rapid growth, we are now in a position where we need outside capital to scale our team and support our servers to meet demand.

At this stage we have two options. The first is that we can take in outside capital from venture capitalists or a bank and risk giving away a large portion of the company to do so. This is the typical path most startups take, but Gab is much more than a startup or the latest fad app.

Gab is a movement.

Gab is breaking down the status quo of technology startups at every level and this is something we plan to continue as we grow. Which is why we are asking you, the community, for help.

How You Can Help

Over the last seven weeks we’ve been humbled and honored to have some amazing help from the community. Gabbers have risen to the occasion to help in the many ways:

  • Spreading the word on other social channels to friends, family, and influencers.
  • Volunteering time to help foster community growth and support.
  • Quality assurance testing to discover bugs or issues our team may have overlooked.
  • Creating memes, original art, and other amazing content to promote Gab and free speech.

Today we are introducing a new way for the community to support Gab by adding a support button. Many of you have been asking for the ability to donate to Gab for weeks now and today we are making that possible.

How will my donation be used?

Your donation will be used to support the costs of keeping Gab up and running. This includes server hosting and expansion, launching new costly features such as native image hosting, legal, accounting, and tax professional expenses, and minimal operational costs for contractors and our small nimble team.

What will I get for supporting Gab?

By donating you are supporting Gab’s mission to put people first and protect free speech online. The longer that we can continue to scale the company without any outside investment the more confident you can be that our core team will continue to protect free speech from outside influence.

This is one of the issues happening right now with existing social networks: a select few VC firms, hedge funds, and individuals are using their power to suppress opposing political views at scale.

Please keep in mind when donating that Gab is not a non-profit organization so you will not be able to write off any donation made to the company.

Will you be transparent with how the donations are being spent?

Absolutely. We plan on implementing a transparency page that is similar to Buffer’s. This will take us some time to build out, but you can expect us to be transparent about use of proceeds from donations and continue this culture of transparency as the company scales.

Are there other ways I can help support Gab?

Yes! You can start by telling your friends, family and anyone who will listen about the corruption happening at scale on other networks. We need to educate people about what is going on, and why Gab is different. Create art, memes, videos, write blog posts, etc. Use your skills to help us get the message of putting people first and promoting free speech to the world.

Where do I donate?

You can donate using Paypal here.
Thank you all for your support, energy, time, and help to make Gab a place that puts users first and promotes free speech for all.