In a blog post published in late June 2020, we announced our intention to launch Tornado Fund, a DAO that was going to be used to support the development of the Tornado Cash project. We appreciate the community’s interest in the Tornado Fund and the support for the project.

However, due to the limited number of participants in this potential DAO (as noted in the blog post, Tornado Fund was available to accredited investors only), we at Open Law, in consultation with the Tornado Cash team, have decided not to pursue the Tornado Fund. This decision was made in the best interests of the community and the users as a whole — to move towards meaningful decentralization of Tornado Cash with as much optionality as possible.

We appreciate the support the community has shown for Tornado Cash. Because we are not moving forward with Tornado Fund, we will not retain any email addresses or information provided by those showing interest in the DAO and will not take any actions relating to those community members who intended to participate in Tornado Fund.

If you have any questions, please reach out at

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A decentralized org to fund the developers behind @tornadocash (@PeppersecCOM) to develop v3 of the protocol. Telegram:

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