Cannabis through bongs, joints, vapes, brownies… What the hell is the difference?

We’ve all heard of the many wonders and options to enjoy our cannabis, but not all of us have had the pleasure of trying them all!

For all my friends out there who are curious in knowing my own interpretations of what the differences are, this one’s for you!!

Let’s start with the heavy hitters!

(1) BROWNIES (edibles)

Brownies take the top on the list, for their sneaky…SNEAKY tendencies to get people TOO high. Due to the fact that you eat and digest edibles rather than smoking it, people start feeling the effects of edibles at different times (based on size and weight, metabolism).

The biggest mistake you could make, is by not giving each edible enough time to kick in. Always be patient with edibles. It happens too often when someone thinks that the edible isn’t having an effect on them, which then leads them to consume more edibles. BAD IDEA…you could wake up high the next day.

People could start feeling the effects from anywhere between 40minutes to 1hour and 20minutes. Brownies tend to hit harder and last longer than smoking (roughly 3–6 hours). For me personally roughly 6ft, 190lbs, the climb starts within the 1st hour, and I peak within the 3rd hour. The residual high still lingers for an hour or so, but by then you could just either sleep it off, or shake it off.

(2) BONGS (water pipes)

Bongs are next on the list right behind edibles for their almost immediate and “smack you in the face” kind of highs. For the first timers or new consumers who have yet to use a bong, the smoke you inhale will most likely be harsh or irritating. It’s always a good idea to have a drink handy when you smoke.

Bongs are quite reliable, in the sense that you can pace yourself much easier as compared to an edible. Therefore, reducing the risk of over-consuming THC.

Bongs are pretty straightforward instruments to help you consume our cannabis. Just grind some up, pack it into the bowl, and smoke :) the water is used to cool down the smoke and provide a smoother hit. Some people like to play with the temperature of the water. Some people like to smoke with ice inside the bong, others like warm water for a smooth and “meaty” hit.

However, be careful when cleaning your bong with either hot or cold water. Preferably use hot water so that it can clear out the impurities easier. But you must let it cool down. Glass bongs can crack if their temperatures change quickly.

(3) Joints*O0WCYm1rcj2ih5f-tPr9oQ.jpeg

Joints / blunts / doobies take the third spot for their relatively easy going nature. Probably one of the most common ways of smoking, joints are most likely how most people first consume cannabis. Smoking joints could leave you in relatively safe waters.

The whole practice of “puff, puff, pass” usually associated with smoking joints, implies that the joint is constantly in rotation among the people smoking. This reduces the risk of getting too high, by having the option to opt out of the rotation for the round. If you already feel pretty high and the joint is still in rotation, just pass it to the next person when it comes to you.

For those new to smoking in general, keep in mind that the smoke can also be quite harsh and irritating. Also know that the closer the joint burns to the paper, the more harsh the smoke will be (because of the heat).

(4) Vaporizers

Probably one that deserves more of the spotlight than it currently has, vapes are pretty cool. The difference in a vape compared to the others listed above, is that vapes “vaporize” the cannabis just enough to activate the THC.

Vapes use conduction heat to produce vapor. This means that the vapor smoked is much cleaner and pure. Bongs, pipes, and joints rely on combustion which burns all of the cannabis producing ash and smoke. Vaporizers don’t burn the cannabis, they “toast” the cannabis in the oven of the device.

Vaporizers come in wide varieties. Some specialize in portability, some are meant to be for indoor use only, while others just try to be flat out sneaky and subtle. The highs obtained by vaporizers are also quite unique. The highs I personally associate with vaporizers is a light buzz. It doesn’t give me couch lock, nor will it throw me into a deep existential mind space… the high is a more balanced, light, uplifting, and calm kind of effect. It also does not leave a heavy impression afterwards like how a bong or brownie would.

I highly recommend finding a friend who owns a vaporizer and trying it with them before you consider buying one for yourself.

All in all,

it is important to know that the different ways and methods you consume cannabis, result in different highs and how long it will last. As an experienced user of cannabis, here’s my personal example of how I would use each in a given occasion.

I carefully plan out when I eat my brownies to ensure that kick in within the desired time frame. Brownies are quite accommodating when you know you wanna do something high, but won’t have any means of smoking when you’re there. For example, brownies are perfect for going to the movies. Smoking a joint right before going into the cinema still won’t last long enough to enjoy the whole movie. Although a bong hit could last longer, it is usually at its strongest right after the smoke. After the initial rush, the high just settles and fades from there. This is where an edible saves the day. Plan out your transportation and time frames. Enjoy the edible, and let it kick in while watching the movie. I consume edibles with the idea that at the end of the high, I will end up in bed, I use edibles as a activity to finish off the day rather than start it. For me, it’s hardest to shake off the crash from a brownie. Therefore, I just sleep it off at the end of the day.

Joints are great for those little smoke breaks. Relax by practicing your origami skills when rolling your joints. Go out for a walk for some “fresh-air” and rejuvenate with some nature while you enjoy your high. Joint highs fade away the easiest for me.

Bongs are like downing a shot. You want something that’s quick (faster than rolling a joint) and strong. Pack a bowl, take a hit, and there you go. Go play some video games, go draw, go socialize, go listen to music. But also please be careful and smart about it. Know your limits and don’t put yourself or others at risk by driving or operating heavy machinery when under the influence.

Vapes are super casual. Especially the portable ones like the PAX , G-pen Pro, and ALAIR. The simplicity in smoking vaporizers by just inhaling from the device, coupled with the lightness of the high, make it the most casual “day-smoke” of all the others above. I tend to go for a vaporizer when I’m out and about. Vaporizers allow me to pace myself the best. I’m not pressured into finishing the bowl, or joint when I can just turn off my device when I’m high enough.

Vaporizers are the most friendly of all of the smoking methods mentioned above for their accommodation, simplicity, potency, and overall smarter health choice.

But also, for me personally, vaporizers don’t get you as high as the others. So for the “high-seeker” perhaps the more conventional methods would suit you better.

Let’s talk about the future of Cannabis in Toronto! ❤

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