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the Raptors look to be a few steps behind the Cavs, Celtics, and Wizards. And if they can’t upset those teams, will Casey survive this time around?

Cavs yes.

Celtics arguably yes.

Wizards … whaaaaaat?

A whole season of Ibaka will help make up for loss of Patterson. Raps are full of young guys with potential for growth as well.

Powell might not replace the size/strength of Tucker but he is certainly more dynamic and should see an expanded role.

Wright could actually end up being an upgrade on CoJo (almost assuredly so defensively)

CJ Miles can help replace the 3pt shooting Raps have lost over the past year, and is certainly an upgrade over Carroll at this point.

No one in the universe would call it an “upset” for the Raps to beat the Wiz.