Why the railways need to be nationalised

The UK rail system needs investment and the people need a way to affect the rail systems management. I can’t see this happening under the private system so there is really just one answer, to nationalise it. Sure this will make most Conservatives and a lot of Liberals unhappy at first but I believe it’s the best option. I don’t really have any overriding aim to nationalise or privatise. In this sense I follow the Nordic system, we will use it if it works. This is why in Sweden private companies run some hospitals. While I look at this on perhaps a broader view of individual sectors of the welfare state than the individual approach of the Swedish I feel it’s the best way of doing things.

The current system needs pragmatism if I’m honest. High rail fairs, constantly packed and late trains, thats our issue. The normal solution thrown at this issue is to privatise the rail system but that encounters some vital flaws. First of all it doesn't give customers a choice over provider as to get from point A to point B at a certain time you end up having no choice but to use a certain company. It’s difficult to get heavy investment in the service provided especially to improve the tracks and trains as their there wont be much, if any, increase in profit as a result.

In Japan the rail system is great but what we need is high investment and in Japan there’s nothing stopping the single company that runs almost all of the train lines from hiking prices, it’s a monopoly.

For me the answer is simple, we have no choice but nationalisation.

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