Kristi Coulter

Enjoyable article. But discouraging. As a near teetotaler since I turned 21 and started getting hangovers that made drinking too aggravating to continue, I’ve somehow ignored all the alcohol around. Become unaware of it. Indifferent. So it saddens me to learn that so many women are reliant on it.

And it saddens me to learn that so many women feel their lives are both impossible and harder than men’s lives. Perhaps they are. (I’m not the most observant person.) But I think having a successful career is HARD, takes a lot of work, and affects all other aspects of one’s life. It’s hard for women, and it’s hard for men, too — particularly for a man who fully meets his responsibility to his family.

Or maybe that’s your point? Every woman with a career and a family MUST fully meet her responsibility for her family. And exhaust herself doing so. By contrast, men have more leeway, as the family man can invariably count on his wife to do extra when he slacks off?

Well, I’m a man, and a steadfast conservative Republican, so I wonder whether I’ve grasped your point correctly. But you’ve got me thinking.

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