Goal setting.

Here’s an extensive list of all of my goals I plan on having throughout my weight loss. Some will be regarding the number on the scale, others will be non-scale victories. Once I hit each goal, I will edit this and mark through it. Enjoy. 😘

1) Reach 250 pounds

2) Start being able to wear my “skinny” clothes

3) Follow a ketogenic diet

4) Cook every night

5) Find a new hobby other than food

6) Focus on creating my best self mentally

7) Get closer to God through my journey

8) Reach 200 pounds

9) Be able to wear American Eagle jeans

10) Feel confident in a two-piece bathing suit

11) Be able to wear shorts comfortably

12) Workout 5x/week

13) Reach 180 pounds

14) Love myself entirely

15) Go to Spirit Halloween and pick out whatever costume I want

16) Be kind in all things

17) Grow my natural hair out

18) Reach my goal weight of 155 pounds

19) Donate all remaining clothes and start over with wardrobe

20) Build muscle mass and get strong

I’m sure more goals will arise as I continue with this journey, but until then I’ll work through these.

Much love,


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