Announcing MEOW DAO: The Roadmap for Toshi’s Governance

Toshi On Base
3 min readFeb 9, 2024

We’re thrilled to share our comprehensive plan for progressively decentralizing governance within the Toshi ecosystem. This journey is structured into four strategic phases, each designed to enhance community involvement and autonomy in decision-making. It’s crucial to clarify that this evolution does not signify the departure of the current team. Rather, it reaffirms our commitment to Toshi as a community-centric project, where the community’s voice and participation are paramount.

Toshi: A Community-Driven Endeavor

From the beginning, Toshi has been propelled by an active and engaged community. A dedicated group of community members has taken the initiative to steer the project, ensuring that every significant decision is made with thorough community consultation and consensus.

The DAO Foundation: A Pillar for Transition

With the establishment of a DAO Foundation alongside Toshi’s incorporation, we’ve laid the groundwork for a smooth transition towards a fully decentralized organization. The Foundation is tasked with nurturing the Toshi ecosystem, all while operating under the DAO’s governance framework, ensuring that the community’s vision and values are always at the forefront.

The Toshi Council: Empowering Community Voices

Following our recent announcement of the Toshi Council, we aim to empower community members who are eager to contribute to the growth and betterment of Toshi. It’s important to note that the Council’s role is distinct from that of the Foundation, focusing on community engagement and initiatives.

The Four-Step Decentralization Process

Our approach to decentralization is methodical, ensuring a balanced transition of governance to the community:

1. Initial Proposal Phase: The leadership team introduces proposals, with token holders having the final say through voting, without any vetoes from the team.

2. Council to Team Proposals: The Toshi Council internally votes to suggest ideas to the team, which then decides if these should be put to a DAO vote. Token holders’ decisions in these votes are final and binding.

3. Empowering Community Voices: Community members are encouraged to propose their own initiatives. The team will review these proposals to ensure they align with Toshi’s goals and do not disrupt ongoing processes. Approved proposals will be put to a DAO vote, with the team respecting the community’s decision without exercising veto power, except in cases where a proposal could significantly harm the project.

4. Full Community Governance: In the final phase, the community independently proposes and votes on initiatives. The team steps back from governance, with the Foundation available to assist in execution.

Choosing the Right Platform for DAO Voting

Our search for the ideal DAO voting platform is ongoing, with consultations with Base to identify suitable options. We are open to starting with existing platforms, transitioning to new ones as they become available, or even developing a bespoke platform that accommodates both token and NFT holder voting.

Fostering Innovation: The Farcaster Campaign

In the spirit of community engagement, we’ve launched a Farcaster campaign with a $30,000 prize pool to reward creators of the best Frames for Toshi. The winners will be chosen through a DAO vote, further emphasizing our commitment to community-led decision-making.

Next Steps: Laying the Foundations for Decentralization

Moving forward, we are committed to a gradual and thoughtful transition towards decentralization. Our immediate action is to select an optimal DAO voting platform, setting the stage for our community’s first voting event.

The journey to full decentralization is expected to be a careful and measured process, potentially extending over the next year or beyond. Our approach is to ensure meticulous and deliberate progress, with every decision made in the best interest of Toshi and its community.

This step-by-step plan allows us the flexibility to adjust and improve our methods based on community input and the dynamic nature of decentralized governance. Our goal is to cultivate a strong and transparent Toshi ecosystem, where the contributions and voices of all community members are acknowledged and respected.

Unlocking Value Through Token Utility

A near-future Medium article will delve deeper into Toshi’s token utility, outlining the added utility of holding a certain value of Toshi tokens, such as complimentary access to our suite of tools including our multisender, liquidity locker, token locker, and token deployer services (the presale platform will implement a fixed fee on raised funds, while the Toshi swap remains accessible to all). We are also adding further utility to holding our tokens and NFTs, which we plan to add gradually.