Earthquake Relief Funding — Call for Donations

Toshi Tools
3 min readFeb 17, 2023

Dear fellow Toshians, dear crypto community

The recent disaster in Turkey and Syria has affected an astonishing number of peoples lives in a negative way. It has shed a light on how lucky many of us are and how grateful we should be for the lives we have.

It is of upmost importance that we, as the crypto community, come together and help support people affected by this catastrophical event.

We have since been in contact with community members that not only have origins and close ones in and around the area of where the earthquake occured, but also community members that want to help raise donations to help rebuild and ease the daily life of people in the affected area.

Our partners over at SolidProof, Germany’s largest registered auditing company, have also agreed on helping coordinate this donation raise and make sure the money goes to where the community decides and that it lands in safe hands.

How can we as a greater community help?

Toshi Tools will create a new multisignature wallet dedicated to gathering Ethereum (ERC-20). This Gnosis multisignature wallet will ensure that one or a couple of entities alone will not have the ability to move donated ETH maliciously away from the donation wallet.

We will set 10 trusted signers in place, 9/10 outside of the Toshi Tools community, to help keep this wallet safe and strictly for donations. Toshi Tools will donate into this wallet itsself, regardless of the amount of participation.

We will be doing our due diligence and working closely with SolidProof, the multisignature wallet signers and the greater community to find the best possible destination for the donation pool — not just any large cooperation where we can not be sure that 100% of the donations arrive at the affected areas. The green light is also given from the feedback of the community.

If you are a public figure/ influencer/ established project and would like to position yourselves as a signer on the multisignature wallet and/or help spread the attention of the donation pool, please feel free to send a direct message to Toshi Tools via twitter within the next 72 hours.

Once we have gathered 10 trusted and reputable signers, we will publicly announce the signers assigned to the wallet and publish the multisignature wallet address. A transaction on this wallet can not occur unless 6/10 signers give their signature on the transaction.

If you are not familiar with Gnosis multisignature wallets, please check this link and get informed.

How can I get involved?

The crypto community has 2 ways to participate:

1. By donating any amount of ETH to this wallet that is comfortable to them

2. By sharing the post, with the goal of reaching new communities and big profiles, to gain as much awareness about the donation pool as possible

Incase you would like to help support the cause, but have no funds available, there is always a way to still help. Spreading the word and presenting it to new networks and communities will be as valuable as donating yourself. From how much money is raised, up to where the donated funds will end up going to, lies in the hands of the greater community.

The next step

We hope to fill the multi-signature signer slots with community-trusted individuals and/or established trusted projects within the next 72 hours. After, we will share the list of signers publicly, followed by the official wallet address.

We understand that this act can be viewed upon in different ways and encourage everybody to decide for themselves if they wish to participate. We have tried to conduct this approach in the most decentralized way possible, having only one Toshi Tools representative on the Gnosis multisignature wallet. We are not here to convince anybody, but if you resonate with the approach and would like to help, please feel free to do so by participating in one (or both) of the options mentioned above.

We can not undo what has happend, but we can help make a change and support where we can.

Toshi Tools team.



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