The year of 2017 ended. Now we are starting 2018. Before really going into it, I wanted to write my very first note here in Medium as my footprint of 2017.

I think I need to be detailing down to what was like my last year. It was not something special, to be honest, not something I can ever be proud of.

Soon after graduating from college in March, I set up my bright idea into a new startup,,,,, seemed as such to me that time,,,, and seconds after I decided that I was not going to keep doing it with the reasons being one :probelems with co-founders, two: I lost my will from stressing out, third :breakup with someone important.

I didn’t have much room for myself as I look back that time. I was just so occupied with a lot of surrounding pressure, like expectation from others, friends, and especially from myself. All of those just pushed me down, disrupting literally my mentality.

I am not saying this to make any excuses. The fact is just, I was terrible, I was just weak, I was immature. I must keep this in my mind so that every time I get carried out I can look into the really of me and be fair to judge my capability. since I don’t wanna mess up anymore seriously ever again.

After my failure, I joined GE Financial Management Program, one of the most prestigious corporate finance leadership program. I was just thinking like, did I really worth what I think? What was my market value,,, something like that. The finest job in japan in terms of dynamics or even salaries is fairly a lot to learn from. Financial knowledge is one thing, basic business skills etc, The days in GE have been always fruitful. I could be one of the youngest CFO in GE if I may.

But I decided to quit. I knew this coming from its beginning. I knew I would quit. Joining GE is almost a huge experiment for me whether if I can fit into THE corporation, if I can make myself into something not belonging to me, and if I can be passionate about what’s not really impacting people, solving human sufferings. The answer was, it turned out, obviously NO, I CAN NOT.

Next move

I’m still not sure what I’m gonna do after January. One thinking is of course startup. The others are like going to Europe for coding bootcamp then find the one to work with, or take long rest to see the world where I haven’t yet explored. I’m not gonna plan it out this time cuz I now know that things will never go along as what you would want it to be or expect.

As introduced in a famous HBR paper, it’s always the planned happenstance that blow your mind, change your behavior and impact how you live. As long as you’re on the right track m, you don’t have to care about a small changes. In that sense, I am really confident that I’m on and will be successful in what I wanna pursue.

Now it’s midnight of January 1st. Today was just a part of closing, still taugh week going on. But let’s begin my next journey from here. Whatever happens , I know I will be doing awesome. So Let’s.

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