Marxism as Humanism

According to Seve Lucren, Marxism can be essentially defined as humanism; to him it is a philosophy of the progressive realization of the whole man throughout history. According to Hegel, history is the manifestation of the absolute spirit. In Hegel encyclopedia, he logically explains how the absolute move dialectical in a tradic movement of thesis, antithesis and synthesis and after which the thesis become a new thesis and this process continues with its end in absolute idea. The absolute moves logically step by step, avoiding all contradictions along the way. Hegel make us to understand that the absolute spirit is in a state of becoming in world history, to him spirit is in a process of self development in world history and using human consciousness as the vehicle for its self realization. The absolute avoid all contradiction along the way, unifying all contradiction into itself, it move dialectical embracing an ever increasing scope of reality and discover is relation to the whole.

Karl Marx raises a strong objection against Hegel philosophy, he argues with the intention to defend man place in history. He summit that it is not the absolute spirit that determine the course of world history, he write that, if you look at the world you don’t see any other entity outside man directing him on how the world should be governed what we see is that man acting in group intuited social consciousness which highest manifestation occurs in the form of labour through which means man transform both the social and the environment. He also summit in his book The Holy Family, he says history does nothing, it possesses no immerse wealth, it wages no battles, it is man real living man who does all that, who possesses and fights, history is nothing but the activities of man pursing his aims.

Hegel believe that spirit is in the process of self development and trying to free himself from contradiction in world history in order to be in and for itself. Karl Marx reject all those and see it as a fantastical idea, he seek to replace it with a philosophy of man deeply rooted in man social and economic reality. Marx place man at the center of history, he believe that it is man that determine the course of history through the methods of production and to him history is the evolution of man struggle to liberate himself from economic alienation.

The main point is that, Marx tend to exhibit some humanism principle, it defend man and chiefly put, man in the center stage in history with the power to alter the course of history through economic change and liberation. Hegel metaphysics as been accuse by many as too abstract and devoid of reality, it have little regard for the existential man and its struggle through life. Hegel philosophy focus more on the absolute spirit struggle to attain self development and the process it use in achieving is aim but it fail to give man a special attention in the struggle to become truly human this is the reason why existentialism is great. Kierkegaard one of the founding father of existentialism criticize Hegel for giving no room for the existential man in his philosophy and existentialism is an offshoot that came as a response to Hegel philosophy, it is an attempt to solve and give ,man life a philosophical evaluation and analysis.

The reason why Marxism can be regard a as humanism is because it is a philosophy that give man is due respect as the author of is social and economic condition with the possibility of changing the future for good. Marxism helps us to understand the human social and economic condition, though we may not agree with is final conclusion but his philosophy seek to liberate man from economic alienation.

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