Why we need to Develop the Philosophical Attitude.

Why do we have to develop the philosophical attitude?

Karl Jasper summits that “he who believes that he understands everything is no longer engaged in philosophical thought, he who takes scientific insight for knowledge of being itself and as a whole as succumb to scientific superstition. He who has ceased to be astonished has ceased to question. He who acknowledges no mystery is no longer a seeker, because he humbly acknowledges the limit of possible knowledge. Karl jasper concluded that developing the philosophical attitude opens our mind to the unknowable that is revealed at those limit.”

Philosophy as Aristotle opine begin with wonder, therefore as human we must develop our sense of wonder, and we must also develop a sense of curiosity. As long as we develop a philosophical attitude to reality, we remain alert to the reality of change. Reality is in constant change, becoming is the essence of reality, we must develop a philosophical attitude in order to remain on our feet in a world of uncertainty.

We also live in a world where religion seek to dogmatize our mind and destroy our sense of curiosity, religion is one of the harmful agent that destroy men mind and deny the human mind from raising into self-conscious of himself as a being in the world. It destroy our sense of wonder and curiosity with the idea if faith and belief. We must never surrender our sense of curiosity to any religion or faith; we must keep our sense of curiosity alive because it plays an important part in our success as a being in the world.

We must exercise our philosophical spirit. We cannot be sure of anything but we can be sure of our own existence , so we must maintain our sense of curiosity in order to stay on our feet in this fast changing world. In fact the existence of God is uncertain, God remain in the realm of possible being, and he exists in the realm of possibility since he is not an object of fact. We must therefore guide our mind from any belief that wants to close the human mind. We stop being curious, we lost our sense of awareness, we lost our consciousness and our sense of humanity, we are as good as die, because being alive Is to be conscious of our environment and consciousness is at its highest manifestation when we exhibit a sense of curiosity toward our world.

The task of philosophy is to rescue the human mind from is slumber, to awake it to the infinite possibilities around him, to give him a sense of hope, and above all to help him to fully aware of his responsibilities as a being in the world and also motivate him to accept the responsibility of facing is existential challenges and choice.

Man is a sleeping beauty the task of philosophy is to wake him up.
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