Why I work remotely (hint: it has nothing to do with productivity).
Jason Zimdars

I totally relate Jason. I own a software company and do all my work remotely. All your comments about spending quality (and sporadic) time with the kids are also true.

I’d like to recommend a small change I made, which literally changed my life as a remote worker.

You see my kids wake up at 6:30AM. Up until recently, breakfast wasn’t quality time because I knew I had a long list of emails in my inbox, which needed my attention. I often gave the kids breakfast with my laptop open on the table, which pissed my wife off so much (understandably)!

Then I made this simple change: I started going to bed 90 minutes earlier, and set my alarm for 5AM.

I tip-toe out of the room in the morning, turn on the computer, and get the most amazingly efficient 90-minute stretch of my day.

Bonus: that way when the kids wake up at 6h30, I can just turn off the computer and not look back until they’re off to the daycare. No guilt, no missed work emergencies, great quality time with the little ones.

Let’s not forget that the last 90 minutes of my day were often spent in front of the television anyway, so I traded the least efficient hours of my day for the most efficient ones.

I call that a no brainer… Hope this helps!

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