The Best Times to Workout for the Best Body

Staying healthy and fit is often a more demanding task then we are willing to undertake. Getting up out of bed to get breakfast in the morning can be strenuous enough on some days. How is it that in places like Utah, there are people crowding the sidewalks to go for a jog and keep up with their health and fitness on a daily basis?

Although there isn’t a certain part of the day that will make you work out better or see better results, there are benefits to working out at different times throughout the day. But at the end of the day, what really matters is what time works best for you and your schedule.

By making working out in the morning part of your regular health and fitness routine, you will be able to wake yourself up for the rest of your day and get that early morning boost of energy you need. People that work out in the morning also report feeling less stressed at work. Maybe that is why everyone in Utah seems so cheerful.

Studies also show that working out in the morning burns about 20 percent more body fat if you are exercising before you eat breakfast. A morning workout also boosts endorphins which will make you happier throughout the day.

By making an afternoon workout part of your health and fitness routine, your muscles will be more warmed up than they were in the morning, thus creating better muscle performance. Hiking through the mountains in Utah or hitting the gym is a little safer in the afternoon because your muscles are less likely to tear.

The benefits of working out in the evenings include a much less crowded gym, cooler temperatures and letting out the frustrations of a long day. Studies have shown that lifting weights closer to bedtime can improve the quality of sleep that night.

It doesn’t really matter what time you work out, just as long as you get out there and make sure you have a good health and fitness routine. Whether you go for a hike through the mountains in Utah or go for a run through the streets of Salt Lake City, exercising increases your endorphins and betters your quality of living.

Leah Ferguson is a health writer for Fusion 360, an SEO and content marketing agency. Information provided by Total Health & Fitness.

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