Patiently Waiting

My Turn Will Come……..
Today is such an awesome day. My journey to become Director in the TLC business. I had all my prospect, people ready way ahead of time to place an order to help me reach my goal for Director week of April 1st–7th. I had 12 customers placing an order of $120, I was sure and confident and had stopped pressing forward because I had my orders ready for push week. But whenever you leave things to chance, this is what happens. No one comes through to Oder, I then gather my funds of about $500 to help myself reach my goal and my Director was putting in her $100 and footing the bill of two orders I was assured $220. She is truly amazing, Traci now Executive Director is so supportive. Our team Zion is an amazing support team, she has created with another awesome Person, Director Christel. Again back to the monies, I was still short roughly $315, my husband said at the table of my directors house, “Kimberly it’s not your TIME’” personally I did not want to hear that BS……, I was willing to leave us with nothing for the rest of the month to make it. “How crazy is that?” My thought today is why are we willing to react so quickly not thinking of what the repercussion may be. No money in our pockets, food, etc. we as people do some crazy things. I will wait and make Director next week. I will wait until my time, thank you to my husband for helping me see the light. Enjoy your day everyone and wait patiently, your time will come.