Week 3 Day 1 BGRW

I started a #totallychanging journey to find my happiness. I don’t think I’ve really ever been happy since I married the Love of my life. It’s been something missing in me, the things I wanted to do in my life with my life. Although feeling some kind of guilt from childhood memories of my mom being abused by my father was not such a great up bringing that most think I have. Yes, I came from a two parent home but the home was a nightmare. Getting back to my topic, I use the other story for a future one soon.

Getting back to changing me came to me saying yes to Total Life Changes, a student named Anston. Starting these products gave me a new leash on life to get moving and get going. It’s like the fuel to get your car working smoothly. I’m there now, ready to get my healthy fit life and enjoy the Life of Living! I’m now selling these products trying to help others get fit on this wellness health journey and #doit4u. All because of my YES with #tlc I’m on my way with BLACK GIRLS RUN WALK Training to become a runner and run my first 5K on October 29, 2016.

I deserve happiness and to enjoy LIFE AND LIVE IT EVERYDAY.

Thank you for reading!

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