Make your vote worth something- save our country.

“Clinton and Trump both suck, i’m voting for Johnson!” ok, please realize that your 3rd party has zero chance of winning. too little, too late in the game. if Johnson had made a major push 2 years ago, he might have stood a chance. not a “well, this is fucked, have an..underdog choice!” standpoint, which is how it comes off. Look, I’m all for competition to the 2-party majority, but the 11th hour isn’t the time.

With a monstrosity of a dumpster fire such as Trump as a real threat, do you really want to be the one pissing on the fire, instead of calling a fire truck?

You have 2 realistic choices in the upcoming month: Clinton or Trump. I’m not a huge fan of Clinton myself, hell, i voted for Bernie in the primary. but she’s the major contender, and stands more than a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. she’s qualified. she’s competent. and she’s not a fucking hothead like Trump.

Please, if you have any interest in preserving what little dignity the Unites Sates has left, and have any sort of concern for your fellow man, then please, please, vote Clinton and make your say count.

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