TouchCast Introduces Smart Live Video

The world’s first interactive video live streaming service.

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TouchCast, the leading enterprise video platform, is bringing the Smart Video revolution to live streaming. For the first time ever, live streams can incorporate interactive elements directly into the video stream, including web pages, documents, polls, quizzes, maps, photos, and other videos.

Viewers can explore any media or files added to a live stream while continuing to watch, increasing engagement. They can also add comments in real-time via text chat. Comments can be moderated before appearing on-screen via a separate comment-moderation tool. All live streams are automatically recorded later viewing, and can be password-protected for extra security. The recording can even be edited on the iPad immediately after the live event is over for a more consumable and shareable post-event version of the video.

Smart Live Video is now part of TouchCast Studio, the award-winning video creation and communications app for the iPad. With Smart Video Live, TouchCast continues to deliver on its promise of democratizing broadcast-quality video production by putting a TV studio in everyone’s hands. All the great features of TouchCast Studio are now available for live streaming — green-screen backgrounds, virtual sets, teleprompter, customizable titles, whiteboard and video annotation tools, sound effects, visual filters, multi-camera shoots using iPhones as additional cameras, and more. This means enterprise clients are able to produce broadcast-quality video from their desks or anywhere else using a mobile device.

TouchCast Smart Live Video is available immediately to all enterprise customers. Perfect for webinars, virtual town hall meetings, company-wide announcements, events, and corporate training, TouchCast Smart Live Video means no more boring webinars. . . and no more dumb live streaming.

Key Features of TouchCast Smart Live Video:

  • Interact with any document or website inside the video.

With TouchCast’s Smart Live Video, all the content shared with the audience appears inside the live stream. Viewers can interact with any content without leaving the stream.

  • Produce broadcast-quality live streams using only an iPad.

With TouchCast’s Smart Live Video, you have a TV studio at your fingertips. Use the green-screen feature to place yourself against a background or inside a photo or video. Or step inside a virtual set. Read from a scrolling script. Add titles. All in real-time during your live stream.

  • Stream in real time and privately inside an enterprise.

With TouchCast’s Smart Live Video, enterprises can stream to any audience of any size — securely to a handful of colleagues, privately to the entire organization, or publicly to the entire world.

  • Measure audience engagements with advanced video analytics.

With TouchCast’s Smart Live Video, after the stream ends, the hosts will have a dashboard of data. Who watched? For how long? What did they interact with? This is incredibly rich information — way beyond the standard analytics of other streaming platforms.

  • Moderate which comments appear in front of the audience.

With TouchCast’s Smart Live Video, the hosts decide what appears on screen and what doesn’t.

TouchCast Studio can be downloaded in the App Store. Enterprise customers, please contact us here. Press may contact us at press@touchcast.com.

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About TouchCast: At TouchCast, we believe technology should help us connect and communicate in a more human way. To this end, we are building a family of Smart Video products that together provide the world’s most advanced end-to-end enterprise video platform for communication and collaboration. Our partners include global technology leaders like Apple, Accenture, and Intel, who help us serve a wide array of global enterprise customers, who use TouchCAst for internal communications (Watch: Barclays), presentations (Watch: Unilever), marketing (Watch: Axa Research Fund), thought leadership (Pfizer), and more. TouchCast is based in New York City, where it has been working on Smart Video technologies for the past 5 years. It’s won numerous awards including an Edison, a Clio, Apple Best App of the Year, a Lovie, a Gartner Cool Vendor, AdWeek Hot List, and a Drum Design Award.

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