Why smartwatches today need a dedicated keyboard design

As the smartwatch market continues to exponentially grow, the growing technology is facing a major problem of lacking a proper text input solution. Both Google and Apple’s attempt of input on smartwatches has only been voice input, which has shown to be inefficient.

Smartwatches have also been designed with square and circular square shapes, with screen sizes down to 1.3 inches. The attempted solutions of a keyboard input have only been using the QWERTY keyboard, which the design has nearly reached 150 years old.

How would you fit 108 keys of the QWERTY keyboard on a 1.3 inch watch face? The Minuum and Flesky keyboard solutions have attempted to cram the 108 keys of the QWERTY keyboard onto a small screen, which the lack of innovative design has led to a troublesome user experience for text input on smartwatches.

What a dedicated smartwatch keyboard needs

1. Finger sized keys

Not everyone who uses a smartwatch keyboard is going to have small fingers, so support for large fingers would be essential for a dedicated smartwatch keyboard.

2. Simple Gestures

On a small 1.3 inch screen, the keyboard will be taking up the majority of the screen. A dedicated keyboard would need gestures for inputting spaces, deleting text, inputting shift and inputting punctuation

3. Support for both square and circular smartwatch devices

Square smartwatches are not the only ones on the market. Circular smartwatches sales are rapidly growing and Samsung has very recently launched the Gear S2 which uses a circular shape.

4. Dedicated design for small screens

Smartwatch devices from major brands are being built in different sizes. A keyboard design which is robust and that caters for all different screen sizes will greatly enhance the user’s smartwatch experience.

5. Voice control is a part-time solution to a full-time problem

Using voice control has limitations including the use in a noisy environment and privacy issues. You can’t use voice control in a public area nor you wouldn’t have private conversations with voice control either. A proper smartwatch keyboard solution is the solution for the current full time problem of lack of proper text input.

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