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Touch Surgery, developed by Digital Surgery. Interactive surgery for all.

Digital Surgery is a digital native company.

It was born in the 2000s. We use and leverage digital tech to help save lives. When we released our c-section CGI simulation on Facebook, it notched up 200 million views in a month (if you’re interested)

Our tech stack is almost 100% on cloud, our products are mobile first, and we leverage the incredible advantages this and other newer technology brings. …

by Digital Surgery, University College Hospital, Microsoft

At Digital Surgery, we have spent over 5 years thinking about and designing products that disseminate the right surgical process information, to the right team member, at the right time. Our flagship product, Touch Surgery, a cognitive training tool, utilized the advent of the mobile phone — a power personal computer in the pockets of consumers — to bring high-quality, step-by-step surgical process information to users for training. In this undertaking, we’ve learned a lot about how surgeons and surgical team members cognitively process information.

These learning are why we are so excited about being designated as an official Microsoft…

by Fiona MacDougall

Touch Surgery is known for creating beautifully interactive surgical simulations, breaking down complex procedures into actionable steps. It’s ideal for junior residents (surgeons in their first two years of training) whose aim is to practice and rehearse surgical workflows.

The Touch Surgery app has proved to be incredibly popular, with over 100,000 monthly active users. However, we wanted to support more senior surgeons by helping them understanding the variations of surgical techniques.

At the beginning of last year, my team and I embarked on a research project to explore how we might further develop our training tool…

By Giannis Anast

When I first joined the design team at Touch Surgery three years ago, we were a very small team of engineers, animators, and surgeons with a clear mission: to create the best surgical training app. The product has evolved significantly since then, leading to a platform of over 2M users who are rehearsing, learning and testing their surgical skills on a daily basis. A few months ago, we reached a point where we decided that the performance and maintainability had reached a critical point. We wanted to take a big leap forward to provide our users with…

What gets you out of bed in the morning? For us at Touch Surgery it’s our commitment to help surgeons deliver safe surgical care for everyone. If this cause resonates with you, check out our new project that lets you chip in to our research!

Earlier this week we launched Surgical Tool Marker, a crowdsourcing project that anyone can take part in. With Surgical Tool Marker you can help to improve digital tools in the operating room, and facilitate better and safer surgeries.

You will do this here by drawing markers around surgical tools in images from a live operation…

Swift 4.0 has introduced a really helpful API. Codable If you have been following the Swift project and the new features in this version on the language you have probably already heard about it. I ran into some issues when working with some of our REST APIs so wanted to document them here in case other people run into the same situations.

If you are familar with Codable you can skip this sections, if not this is how Apple summarise is on there docs page:

Make your data types encodable and decodable for compatibility with external representations such as JSON.

written on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I’m a strong believer that having great processes makes great engineering possible. Fear really is the mind killer when it comes to improving on an existing product or creating something new. If an engineer is scared to make a change, then chances are they’re not going to do it. Especially without seeking permission from someone else.

Touch Surgery’s existing infrastructure had some characteristics that made it scary for our engineering team:

  • Servers had been modified by hand and existed forever
  • The deploy process had to be run from specific environments and involved downtime for…

by Sassineon 29 June 2017in Events

Lingvist, Primo, Thinglink, Learnlight, Touch Surgery and Youscian announced as winners of 2017 EdTechXGlobal All Stars Awards

Announcing the 20 fastest-growing, most innovative EdTech start-ups to watch in 2017

London, 26 June, 2017 EdTechXEurope, the largest education technology summit in Europe, announced the winners of its EdTechXGlobal startup awards at the fifth edition of its event on the 21st June at Kings Place in London.

Winners of the EdTechXGlobal All Stars Rise awards are Lingvist, Primo and Thinglink and winners of the EdTechXGlobal All Stars Growth Awards are Learnlight, Touch Surgery and Youscian.

by Flaviu on 30 May 2017 in Simulations


Root coverage procedures are a group of surgical techniques aimed at covering existing gingival recession. Of the several procedures that are currently available, coronally advanced flap (CAF) in conjunction with connective tissue graft (CTG) is an important and predictable procedure used to achieve complete root coverage in recession defects in appropriately selected cases 1.

Try it here

As the name suggests, this procedure has two components:

  1. CTG that is harvested either from the palate or rarely from the maxillary tuberosity, and
  2. CAF, a pedicle flap at the recipient site that is…

by Flaviu on 20 April 2017 in Education

Preparing for the MRCS part A exam is a key milestone for surgeons in training. Here at Touch Surgery, we’re dedicated to supporting your learning. We’ve asked our users for their top 6 tips which they wanted to share with you to help pass the exam:

Read each question twice before answering

The MRCS exam is intense you’re not going to get a chance to go back over your answers. So make sure you read the question twice to ensure you’ve understood it correctly then make your best guess.

Devise a revision…

Touch Surgery

Working with leading surgical minds from around the world, to map and share the language of #surgery.

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