Eight of the Oddest Health Food Restaurants Worldwide

Health food can be very tasty & it can mix in well with what you usually eat. The health food market continues to grow at a nice pace. The alternatives th-at it offer does satisfy a sufficient amount of appetites, because lots of the op-tions are just as delicious as fatty foods.

Since that is the case, the makers of it from all over the world utilize their individual creativity to create unique, rare, and even odd food. Business owners get the wide variety of ideas and concepts for their eating places. Healthy food is needed so the people worldwide have more wise choices.

The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is in its own league under the sea. HA-HA-HA-HA!! COO!! It is made with a circular, clear roof that allows the patrons to see the daily actions of the water animals up close.

The place is mostly glass and classy with the steel to hold it together. So they painted the building with some special zinc paint. It was founded in the year 2005. The waitresses and waiters serve healthy seafood, veal, beef, and more nice options.

The Ithaa establishment is organized so greatly. It is situated near the Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island Resort.

The Spirite Lounge of Montreal

The Spirite Lounge Of Montreal was within Montreal, Canada and it did stand out. The avant-garde art & bold decorations were positioned throughout the establishment & modified it constantly. They have displayed a wild mixture of the long clocks, the groups of plant leaves, velvet, prints that are reminiscent of zebras, and more.

They let their imaginations run so freely through massive fields. The helpful staff came up with vegetarian meals that were enjoyed for sure. They offered tasty soups, dinners, desserts, and more. The sizes to choose from were small, medium, and large.

The Pomze of Paris, France

The Pomze of Paris, France is a terrific destination that is built to last. It is a location that serves 120 different kinds of apples so the people will rejoice. They also have mussel chowder including apple cider & gazpacho featuring Granny Smith apples that are made into ice cubes.

The patrons can even pick from beef parts placed within cider stew, apple & chocolate fondant, blue cheese and apple salad, and over forty types of cider.

The Feynan EcoLodge

The Feynan EcoLodge was created in the Dana Biosphere Reserve in Jordan. It almost have a clay-like appearance. It’s constructed rather well and the people who eat there get to see mountains while consuming.

The area is isolated and the staff serve spreads that contains no meat. They bring out Arab food that is healthy and delicious. The ladies in the vicinity make great bread everyday. OOH, LADIES! OOH, LADIES! OOH! HA-HA!

The owners and their employees support green energy so the building is about ecology.

The Cafe Madras of India

The Cafe Madras is located in Mumbai, India and it gets very busy at times. It is built like some holy temple that folks congregate to. Plus, the lighting is just right & the cafe is accommodating.

The waitresses and waiters serve the South Indian eats like dosa and idili. The clientele appreciates the offerings and several budgets are highly respected.

The Lotus Restaurant of Singapore

The Lotus Restaurant is bold and clean. It is situated in Singapore & the cooks are awesome. The location’s interior can remind you of some of the restaurant scenes in movies that are shown on TCM. HA-HA!! Things are set up so nicely.

The patrons can pick from the Asian buffet or the Steamboat one. They have fish that is steamed, minced meat eggplant, chicken laska, chicken rice, and more.

The Zaikam Restaurant of Israel

The Zaikam of Israel is wonderful establishment too. It was created tough & the atmosphere is lively but peaceful. It does have a farmers’ market concept that works without any doubts. The folks get in their comfort zones easily so they become regulars.

The servers decide to bring out the very healthy options like Iranian freekeh, Persian mixtures, Israeli gazpacho, cabbage that is filled, & more. There are plenty of vegetables in plain view so that makes Zaikam Restaurant colorful.

The Leaf Restaurant of Boulder, Colorado

The Leaf Restaurant was established in Boulder, Colorado. Yes, the owners decided to put plants in areas strategically. Some of the lights are hanging downward intentionally and some of the holders are like circles or planets.

The walls are made of bricks & the counters are artsy. The tables are spaced out well so that folks can maneuver through with no hassles. Some can seat parties of two, three, & four. There are more spots to sit down at around the central counter.

There is a garden of plants within some white container that is parallel to the counter, & even within it. Traffic can still flow through that area so smoothly. They get their food from their farm that is organic.

The magnificent staff serve an array of food like beet pierogi, Jamaican jerk tempen, huevos rancheros, and more. They can cook up special vegan meals also.

The Conclusion

So the travelers will have several choices that are so international. They can unwind with their family members, friends, colleagues, and even strangers while eating.

The healthy food speaks for itself and it repeatedly accumulate customers. The health food market is thriving and it will continue to go upward even during shaky economies.

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