Five Awesome Technologies That Are Welcomed

There’s some awesome gear that can take things up several notches. The creators have been hard at work in the laboratories and lot of their ideas are helpful and bold.


The DDR4 SDRAM is surely an invincible juggernaut regarding computer memory & the consumers will appreciate it deeply. The transfer rates are inflated seriously & the voltage is deflated so the DDR4 does get to speed highly without limits and no consequences. COO!

The rates of transfer go from 2133 million transfers each second way up to 4266 million transfers each second. WHOA!!! The voltage amounts to 1.05 so the batteries in the devices can be preserved easily.

So the double data rate fourth generation synchronous dynamic random access memory (DDR4 SDRAM) allows the PCs to get more done and on a consistent basis.

There is a fresh command signal embedded that does let the energetic command be known. For coherence, the /ACT command put the prior operations together so that make things go on much smoother.

The earthlings who utilize the DDR4 SDRAM will be fully able to provide turbo boosts to their components intensely. So all of the devices will ben-efit from that particular technology.

The Intel Core i7–5960X

The Intel Core i7–5960X is wonderful and it has a lid that is soldered. AY! It consist of 8 cores, 20MB L3 cache, LGA 2011-V3 socket, and the 22 nm technology.

So it allow up to forty PCI Express 3.0 lanes and those are needed at tim- es. It’s an awesome CPU that will definitely do. The Intel Core i7–5960X will continue to shine bright.

The Intel Ivy Bridge

The Intel Ivy Bridge is another fantastic CPU that has the 22nm technolo- gy. HA!!! They shrunk stuff but kept the principles intact. The 3D Tri-gate transistors were implemented seamlessly to improve quite a lot.

Their method of utilizing gate oxide & inversion layers cause the outer part to become massive and the clocks are greater than normal. COO! AY! Since that’s the case, the current gets mastered. COO!!! The leaks subside to a minimum so that is a definite plus.

Plenty of the power gets conserved plus the heat gets reduced so that will bring joy also. HA!! The folks at Intel even included a component random number generator so they try hard to block out the hackers. The data can be encrypted & there is a component-permitted supervisory board.

The Intel Core i7–4790K

The core i7–4790K was named Devil’s Canyon for some invalid reason. WHOA! Well, the new one for it sounds much better. It has an 8M cache that is intelligent. The DMI2 amounts to 5 GT/s and it has 4 cores so the threads goes to 8.

The interface material provides serious assistance regarding bringing the temperatures way down, so that justice is served for the CPU. They went back in the lab to make a better CPU for the one that was called Devil’s Canyon.

The 4GHz is actually achieved on each core that it have. It contains high-definition 4600 graphics that are awe-inspiring and the thermal design power comes to 88W.

The Samsung SSD 840 EVO

The Samsung SSD 840 EVO is nice & smooth plus very swift. It has the 3-bit MLC NAND flash memory in place to provide better storage. AY!!! The consumers can do a sufficient amount of things at the same time without problems, so the consumers will be glad that they purchased it.

It has the ability to elevate the games of the write & read rates that follow in a logical order. The QD1 amounts to 10,000 Input/Output Operations per second (IOPS) and that is terrific.

The write rates are immediate too so the pace comes to 410 MB/s inside the EVO drives with 120GB. It goes up to 520 MB/s inside the 840 EVO one with 250GB. A specific mode is included and it allows the pace to be turned up extremely high, so more operations get accomplished sooner.

The Conclusion

Consumers will have field days with those forms of advanced technology that was created to thoroughly enhance the processors & devices for the long term.

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