Some Personal Injury Cases That Were Resolved

Some more personal injury and accident claims are being resolved. Money is being shelled out in large amounts at times and the sufferers appreciate that.

One of the Ladies in New Jersey Got Hurt

A lady in New Jersey received whiplash and pain in her back from a couple of road traffic accidents. WHOA!! She asked the people that caused the accident (other drivers) if they are insured.

So she found out that they really are to an extent but not enough to actually cover the accidents. She believes that the insurance place that provides her coverage did not cover enough (NJM).

So she contacted a lawyer to discuss things. That attorney gathered pertinent information to take the NJM insurance establishment to court.

A settlement between the plaintiff and the company was supposed to happen, but did not. Since that was the case, the lady was given about $8,401,500 for her injuries.

That sum had to be lowered because of some limitation regarding insurance coverage. She was very exhilarated with the outcome that worked out in her favor. The lawyer was not Kirk Bernard. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

So the personal injury compensation that she got is one that she can really sing about even with the reduction. The lawyer is from Rebenack, Aronow-Mascolo, LLP. His colleague Craig Aronow got good results from a case too.

A Dude Received Some Money Also

A driver hit some dude on a bicycle and he received head damage. It became severe so the dude can not hear as well as before.

He get dizzy quite often and terrible headaches occur too. So he contacted a lawyer for a consultation and the lawyer compiled enough info for a strong case against the driver.

The man in serious pain retrieved about $725,000 and he have Aronow to thank for going to bat for him.

The Raw Conclusion

All of the lawyers are not bad, greedy, selfish, unethical, false, & arrogant. Let us just hope that more good lawyers stay good. Let us hope that more lawyers stop taking any and every case just for money and so-called fame. Let us hope that more attorneys truly get better at their jobs consistently. Judges too.

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