The Beautiful and Attractive Joan Lunden

Joan is wonderful and herself.

Joan Lunden is a living legend and good lady. She put in work on some shows after her schooling. Go, Joan!! OOH! She excelled as a host on the show Good Morning America and she had good times while doing it.

Joan went above and way beyond the call of duties. She became an expert in her field & almost everything else that she tried. She is a tough lady who have been on lots of adventures.

Joan is a True Soldier

Joan have an amazing way with words so she wrote some books to divulge & help. Triple negative breast cancer came into her life in 2014 and she became free of it in 2015. YAY! YAY!!! She fought long and hard to win. She stood her ground against it because she wants to live.

She is standing up for other ladies that have cancer worldwide. Joan still have a lot to say and do.

The Mix of Therapies That Saved Her

Joan decided to get tons of therapy to make her severe breast cancer exit. In other words, she went through serious sessions of heavy chemotherapy. She also received radiation for 6 weeks and a lumpectomy so they assisted her in the battle. AY!

She Always Had Thorough Support

She stayed confident throughout her ordeal. Her family remained strong and in her corner and kept her in their prayers. Joan made it out of the dark, cold tunnel and she created a lot of projects to encourage others greatly.

She Comes Strong Like Bills Every Month

She is resilient, awesome, and brilliant. She will accomplish more of her goals because she never gives up. So she is not worried about triple negative breast cancer coming back into her. Stay tough, Joan! OOH!

Joan is always ready to fight hardcore when it is called for. She knows how to survive and we are so glad that she is alive. She knows that cancers are bullies who can be defeated.

She always look good and young and she will get more blessings. Her smile is legendary and radiant. HA-HA!

The Satisfactory Conclusion

Joan Lunden went for a lot in her great life and battled so much too. The triple negative breast cancer was not a match for her so her and her reinforcements got rid of it. She is one of the greatest motivators.

Joan will continue to release positive, bold words to raise self esteems.