Let’s Pledge to Eradicate Plastic Pollution

A few decades back, we made plastics our lives, and now plastics are on the verge of taking our lives. The extensive usability of most toxic waste, plastics, are now resulting in the degradation of motherly nature, adversely affecting the environment, water bodies, and animals. Plastics are not just choking our planet to death in more than 100 ways, and if nothing is done to stop its production and usage, we will have a terrifying future to face.

According to assessment report of CPCB, Indian cities generate approximately 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste in a day out of which 9,000 tonnes are collected and processed/recycled while the remaining 6,000 tonnes usually are dumped in landfills, streets and drains. Indeed, Indian Government has taken a few serious initiatives to fight this grave issue, but without our individual support fighting this problem is next to impossible. So, on this World Environment Day, let’s pledge to contribute our bit in saving our mother nature and fight this hazardous issue #BeatPlasticPollution.