Music Industry Innovations: Facebook

If you’ve been neglecting Facebook as part of your digital strategy for driving revenue for your artists in 2016, it’s time to stop. The grandfather of the current social media landscape, of late, Facebook has been innovating at a faster rate than any other network. Here’s a few of the big moves Zuckerburg Inc has made in the last few weeks.

A new study from ComScore strongly refutes the idea that younger users are abandoning Facebook for newer platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

With sponsored content, Facebook opens up a new potential revenue source for artists.

Facebook’s LIVE video platform has been available to artists for a while now, but with new tools to stream live in Groups and from Events, LIVE is about to become a major player in fan-to-band connection. Imagine going live from soundcheck to the fans who RSVP’d to that night’s show… The possibilities are vast for the industry.

Keep an eye on the F8 conference this week as Facebook will almost certainly announce some amazing new features that will only deepen the importance of the big blue network in music industry digital strategy.

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