4 Major Reasons Why You Must Attend College Showcases

Getting recruited is no easy tasks. It takes a lot of work and not from your coach. It’s always great if your coach has a hand in it and there are a lot of great coaches that go the extra mile to make sure their players find homes after high school, but relying on them is not the mindset you want to have. The recruiting process can be stressful but can also give you a lot of insight. Unfortunately, college coaches don’t have all the time and are not able to see all the talent. There is a lot of of great talent, but there is also a lot of talent that goes unnoticed. The ratio of colleges coaches to high school athletes is too big to sit back and expect to get noticed. The best thing an athlete can do is log the travel hours and put themselves in front of college coaches at showcases. There are many advantages but here are 4 major reasons why you must do this:

1. Get in front of Coaches

The first step in getting recruited is getting noticed. By attending showcases, you are guaranteeing yourself to be playing in front of coaches. The awesome thing about showcases is that there are usually a lot of other schools invited other than just the host school. It’s usually a network of coaches that attend. This is a great way to showcase your talent with coaches at every level, Division I, II, and III. There are also coaches from NAIA and NJCAA levels as well. Recruiting is not a one-way street. Sitting back and waiting to get noticed may never get you noticed. Take initiative and attend showcases. Coaches would rather attend a single showcases with 100+ players than spend traveling dollars to see a single player that may not be everything he had been told or thought.

2. Experience

I remember when I first started embarking on the recruiting trail. I had no clue where to start other than attending showcases, and I attended numerous of them. The first couple were definitely different. I wasn’t used to having all eyes on me. It definitely gave me the nerves. One thing with showcases that surprises many is that when it’s your turn, it’s only your turn. All eyes on you. There are some group/team events but the whole idea is to show-off your talent. Anyways, I was not used to playing in front of college coaches so it was definitely different. After the first couple showcases I started to relax more. There is a lot of experience to be gained from putting yourself in the spotlight. The more showcases you do the easier they will get and the better you will be able to let loose and stay relaxed. Experience is everything. It provides comfort in situations you may have used to feel nervous about. Consistently putting yourself in front of college coaches will get you experience of being in the spotlight and will get you noticed.

3. Competition

There is a lot of great talent across the country. You may be the best at home but you never really know how good you are until you are able to compare yourself with other athletes from around the region and country. Showcases provide diverse talent and competition. Coaches want to see you compete and want to see that you are a competitor. Every player attending is competing for a spot on a team and that’s why they are all there. Competition is usually what will separate the talents and give an open door to how the athlete will perform during game time. This all reverts back to experience as well. The more competition you take part in the more experience you will have.

4. Knowledge in the recruiting process

Probably the biggest of all 4 is being able to learn, understand, and gain knowledge in the recruiting process. Getting started is the hardest part, just like with anything else, but you will learn a lot just by doing and asking questions. The Recruiting process can be intimidating and a lot of things will be new, but just by putting yourself out there and attending events will help you learn and gain the knowledge you need. There are a lot of things to learn and sometimes the only way to do that is by putting yourself in situations to learn and get better. Showcases are a perfect way to jumpstart your recruiting process and will help you get noticed. Take advantage!


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