5 Life Lessons From A Youth Sports Parent

Long days, lots of hours, and very little sleep. That’s the name of the game or what it feels like to be a parent of young athletes. The sacrifices that are made can feel overwhelming at times but the reward of watching your child play and having fun is priceless. Youth sports parents make huge commitments for their children to do what they love. After spending long hours at work all day, there is no time to relax.

Growing up, I never actually understood the sacrifices made by my parents, but you don’t really notice it as a child. You’re too busy caught up in being a kid and having fun that you don’t see what others are taking out of their time to allow that to happen.

Looking back on it now, I had it all wrong. My parents sacrificed a lot of time and money in order to allow me to do what I love. I am thankful for everything my parents did and they taught me life lessons by their actions:

  1. SEEING OPPORTUNITIES: Allowing me to chase opportunities and dreams.
  2. VALUE OF TIME: Having me at practices and games on time.
  3. COMMITMENT: Traveling to tournaments and logging the travel hours.
  4. UNDERSTANDING SACRIFICE: Taking time of their day to play with me in the backyard.
  5. PATIENCE: Driving me after a disappointing loss. (note: I hate losing!)

These are all things that have made a difference and impact on my life. Having my parents ‘there’ was a blessing. They sacrificed their work hours, sleep, early bedtimes, friends, time, and many other things. A lot of people will call that basic parenting, but it’s not. It’s taking parenting to a whole new level.

Once times passes you can never get it back. It’s hard to understand the sacrifices involved unless you are
a youth sports parent. I am not a youth sports parent now, but one day I will be and if I can do half of what my parents and a lot of other youth sports parents do than I think I’ll be alright. Thank you.

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