5 Ways to Run a Killer Trivia Night

I have hosted trivia nights each year for the past 5 years as a fundraiser for our club. They have been very profitable for the families involved and all our proceeds have gone directly back to the families.

Below are 5 things that you can focus on for a killer trivia night.

1. Auction Items! Pick the Right Items.

Don’t cut corners, and don’t miss big items. You will need a lot of auction items; these are used in silent auction bidding throughout the night. This drastically ramps up net profit on the event. Think outside the box on these, some great ideas are: sports themes, memorabilia, concert tickets, hotel and restaurant gift cards, equipment pertaining to your club sport, etc. I would also recommend going to an auction house to get items they give you on consignment, so you only pay for them if they sell in your auction.

Don’t go cheap to avoid cost. Make the item fresh and in high demand. A great example is an autographed jersey from the 2015 MVP Bryce Harper. The more relevant the item at the time of the event the higher the bids on the auction item.

2. Entertainment

Have a great Master of Ceremonies that can manage the flow of the evening and entertain the crowd. Also, consider music between rounds, the crowd will stay upbeat and energized. Play dollar games such as heads or tails, dead or alive, and fact or fiction. Another great idea we used was have themed event. For example, in the fall you could do a Halloween costume night trivia event. The atmosphere needs to be fun as this is a night out away from the kids for the adults and you want them coming back each year

3. Staff

Make sure you have plenty of staff! It will be overwhelming that night if you do not. Some areas to consider are:

  • Answer sheet runners
  • Master of Ceremonies (MC)
  • Judges
  • Bartenders
  • Check in crew
  • Ticket sales
  • Trash runners
  • Audio/Video

The more staff you have, the better service for the event and it will reflect positively on your organization.

4. Large Ticket Item raffle

I would recommend purchasing or getting donated a large item like an iPad, TV, computer system/laptop, concert ticket. What we have done for these is sell 100 chances (tickets) for $20 each. This brings in $2,000 for the event minus the cost of the item. BY capping ticket sales at 100 (or a number you pick), it keeps the chances higher which increased ticket sales. This is an easy way to bring in extra money at your event.pl

5. Round Sponsors and VIP tables

Sell round sponsors to local businesses for $150+ a round. This can be an additional $1,500+ to your events bottom line. Their logo will be displayed during the entire round, and this will give their business great visibility and name recognition.

VIP tables can be sold as well; we sell ours for $150 a table. If you are a VIP table at our event, you get:

  • Parking access
  • Fast line to the bar with a glow wristband
  • Use of an iPad for 1 round
  • Free entry into the dollar games for your table members
  • A hot pizza delivered to your table at the first round
  • Free 50/50 raffle ticket for each person at the table

– Aaron Jaworowski

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