Am I Good Enough?

I feel very strongly about this topic. Many players grow up playing on the best youth teams, but are not willing to go backwards before going forward. I was at fault of this, because I was the best player on all of my teams. I was on the fast track to being a division one baseball player.

Luckily, I had a division 1 coach sit me down and explain to me that I was being unrealistic of where I stood in my graduating class. I had to take a piece of humble pie and move backwards.

This has set me up to be very successful early in my professional career. It taught me that going backwards doesn’t necessarily mean I am a failure. It’s just a part of the journey.

You might think everyone is wrong and your right, but have you looked inside? Have you searched the deepest darkest thoughts of you subconscious and say, “Am I good enough?”

People are not honest with themselves and their talents. Its okay to suck, its okay to be bad. Whats not okay is being content about sucking, and its definitely not okay to have false belief of oneself.

I am an internal optimist. I think everyone is meant for greatness, but why do we prevent ourselves from reaching greatness because we are worried about status or outside influences? Who cares about the outside influences? Who cares about the public perception? The only thing that matters is you and you. You define your path. It’s not the outside looking in. Opinions are worth only the power given. There those who have extreme power in your circle and then there are those that are worth nothing.

It’s human nature. We turn to those who we trust to give us confirmation of our initial thoughts and actions. If we get approval we continue. The hardest part is not listening to your peers, but listening to the inner voice inside. The inner voice is usually right. I listen it to it constantly and how I vet that voice is by my feelings. If my feeling is driving me towards that I thought I continue. You may call it trusting your gut, but I call it self belief.

Talking the opinions of others is needed at times, but at the end of the day however, its just a their…… (warning: cliche alert)…..their 10 cent opinion. The only opinion that truly holds weight is your own. Who writes your story?

I am tired of players families who think the outside thoughts matter. The only person who defines their path is their son. We have no control on wether they achieve greatness. We forget this…. We have influence, but that influence is very minimal. It’s possibly 10% of a players career. It has to take the player waking up and deciding this is what I need. You cant avoid this fact, you cant dismiss a persons desire.

I write this because I feel compelled to help young players and parents. I was very blessed to have two supportive parents who handled it correctly. They knew it was out of their control. They believed that if I wanted to become the best version of myself I had to first want it and then need it. They pushed their influence, but not their dream of me playing a college sports.

We get it backwards! We should be supportive, not controlling. You can’t control greatness in others. You can only set an expectation. It’s the individual that has to decide.