High Sock Sunday, Where do you get stirrups?

“High Sock Sunday” is one of the most unique days of the week because it’s a time where players show off their team colors. Since the 1990’s baseball players have worn their pant legs down and treat one day of the week as a time to wear stirrups. In this blog I will describe the stirrup, why it’s unique to baseball, and where to purchase your own for “High Sock Sunday.”

Two Socks?

A stirrup is an outer sock that goes over a long white sock called the “sanitary.” The sanitary is worn under the stirrup. It’s purpose was to protect players from the sock color dye’s. Before colorfast dye’s, stirrups were colored with toxic dye’s and if player had an open wound he could possibly get blood poisoning.

So what about the weird bottoms of stirrups? Players found it hard to fit two socks into their cleats, so they made a double arch opening for the foot to slip through the arch way. Players started to experiment and show-off more of the white sanitary sock. This is why we see 4", 5", 6", 7", and 8" stirrup cuts. Players who wear stirrups usually wear pants called knickers, which is a type of pant that is short in length with elastic lining at the bottoms to fit cleanly around the top of the stirrup. It is not uncommon for players to roll their long pants and tape the insides to have a more baggier style knicker.

Just for Baseball

The stirrup is unique to baseball because of the unique patterns and color schemes. Many of the designs will include two or three ring pattern or a simple strip around the sanitary sock . You will also see logos stitched on the outer portion of the sock. As described above stirrups can range in thickness with 4",5", to 8" stirrup cuts depending how much of the sanitary sock the player wants to show.

Get Your Own!

Its really hard to find local stores in your area that holds stirrups in stock. The best way to purchase your very own pair is to purchase them online. We have provided links to these companies.

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